1977 Nominated Male Vocalist

          (Maine CMA )

1983 Nominated Male Vocalist and                   Entertainer of the year

         Vermont CMA

1989 Nominated Male Vocalist

          ( Indie Bullet Magazine Awards )

1991 Nominated Entertainer of The Year

          ( Indie Bullet Magazine Awards )

1994 Best Actor in a made for Television


2013 Nominated Western Swing Male                   Artist of the year  ( AWA )

2014 Nominated Lifetime Acheivement                 Award

         ( Clays Country Radio - Ireland )

2014 Inducted into Hall Of Fame

          ( GACWSMA, The Greater Arizona

          Country/Western Swing Music 

          Association )

2014 November

          Added to the next Big Artist List

          A public list by Niume on Twitter

November 24th 2014

​          Invited to be the first Artist                                  Profile on  

         Veromuse Music Share                                             Network

2015 Nominated 

         Entertainer Of The Year

         Male Vocalist Of The Year

         Nashville Universe Awards

2015 Nominated 

          Male Vocalist of the year

​         Academy of Western Artist

Some of this years Show Partners

Available for bookings

With Band or as a Single - Duo or Trio

Vi Knight, Doug Stone, Jade Jack and Ed Gary

Dottsy Dwyer and Ed Gary

Tony Booth, Lorraine Chavana, Dottsy Dwyer and Ed Gary 


Ed Gary and Tony Booth

Singer - Musician - Recording Artist -Film Actor 

MC - Producer  - Director

Country Music Hall of Famer

News from the 2018 Spring Tour

Check out my new Duo Page

" Thorn and a Rose "

for tour dates 

Gary Brock and Ed Gary 

Just finished a 48 day tour ( April 1st through May 18th )

through the southern united states 

and had the pleasure of performing with a number of great Country music artist.​

To name a few we worked with 

Doug Stone, Jade Jack, Tony Booth, 

Brian Collins, Lauretta Turner, 

Dottsy, Gary Brock, Dottie Jack, Landon Dodd, Dennis Ivey, 

Roger Mann (cousin of Hank Sr), 

Lynn Landry, Randy Corner, and lot of others.

It was all and all a great tour.

A real special thanks to my friend Jeannie C. Riley 

for coming out to one of my shows. 

She said Ed You know I have not been in this building 

since I came to see you here last year.

See you again Next trip Jeannie

Just received this from The National Country Music Association 

​A Brand new DVD 
has been released  and is available at the
Discography link
at the top of this page

Mr Shorty is a short film of the legendary
Gun Fight from an old Marty Robbins Song

Brought to new life.

Ed Gary is a proud Member of these fine organizations​

Country Music Hall of Famer

Singer - Musician - Film Actor -Recording Artist

Past President of The Greater Arizona Country and Western Swing Music Assn.

Gen Mgr and Founder of The Prescott Opry

And an Ordained Minister

Ed Gary is A Musician / Singer / Songwriter

and Movie Actor. with world wide releases in music and film.

Native Tennessean but now liven in Phoenix, Az and still

working 300 plus days a year ...

Performer of

Traditional Country Music, Western Swing Music, Southern Gospel Music,


2015 Inducted into America's Old                   Time  Country Music Hall Of                   Fame by    the National                           Tradition Country Music

          Association      ( NTCMA )
2015 Nominated for the Shorty                       Award   for Media  by Twitter

2016 Nominated Male Artist of the                 year in three times in

          Pure Country

          Western Swing and


2018 Nominated Song of the year -                Mr Shorty Nashville Universe

          Nominated Radio song of the                year - Nashville Universe